The simple combination of chicken and rice is a one-pot dish that’s a perfect dinner idea. Despite the countless variations on the theme, this version is stripped down to the bare essentials: Chicken, Rice and Spices.


Chicken, thighs, legs, breast (boned chicken)
White Rice
Granulated Garlic
Granulated Onion
Seasoning Salt
Pam or Oil
Deep Pot


Spray the pot with pam or put a little oil in the pot, then heat.
Fry the chicken on each side for about 6 minutes.
Once that is done, add the paprika, pepper, garlic, oninon & seasoning salt, generous amount.
Then, add the amount of water percups for the rice that you will be making.(Example, if your making 4 servings of rice, it would ask you to put 2 cups of water and 2 cups of rice).
Cover and let boil for 20 minutes on low flame.
Then, add the rice, mix, cover and cook on low flame until it is done.
The goal is to have the liquid absorbed, the rice tender, and the chicken cooked through.